Master Chief Petty Officer





             Master Chief Petty Officer 

          Eom, Ha-Il.  


I am Master Chief Petty Officer Eom, Ha-Il.  


Our Navy is striving to build an elite navy that maintains a posture of readiness, operates its forces efficiently and innovatively, and stands besides the people of the Republic of Korea. This is in order to continue our tradition of being victorious in any and all battles, under the Chief of Naval Operation's leadership statement "Always Victorious Navy"


In this era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution we will become a navy that deters enemy provocations and ensures victory with cutting-edge technology and modernization, and contributes to maritime security and world peace by reinventing ourselves as a 'Smart Navy'


Also, all our navy personnel will establish an advanced military culture so that we may become a trusted navy that upholds both autonomy and responsibility.


We will change and pursue development to become a future oriented navy and maintain the proud navy tradition of communication with the people.


I ask for your kind interest and encouragement.

Thank you.

Master Chief Petty Officer
Eom, Ha-Il. 


이 테이블은 해군참모총장의 인적사항 정보를 제공합니다.

Eom, Ha-Il


Master Chief Petty Officer

Date of Birth 1970. 11. 20.
Date of Induction / Commission

1990. 8. 8. / 1991. 1. 26. 

Date of Inauguration

2023. 4.21. 

Professional Career

테이블의 설명

1998. 3 ~2000. 9.

Gunner's Mate, ROKS Donghae, 5th Flotilla

2000. 10. ~ 2003. 11

Training Instructor, Basic Training School, ROKN E&TC

2004. 1. ~ 2005. 8.

Gunner's Mate, ROKS Eulchimundeok, ROK 2nd Fleet

2005. 8. ~ 2008. 7.

Gunnery Instructor, Technical Service School, ROKN E&TC

2008. 7. ~ 2013. 1.

Gunner's Mate, ROKS Sejong the Great, 7th Flotilla

2013. 1. ~ 2017. 2.

Reserve Force Weapons/Logistics PO, ROKN HQ N2/3

2017. 2. ~ 2019. 6.

MCPO of Ordnance/Ammunition Centre, ROKN NLC

2019. 6. ~ 2023. 4.


2023. 4. ~Present