The logo was designed to emphasize a sustainable and consistent image of the R.O.K. Navy and garner nationwide public support for its vision to become Blue Water Navy.

The R.O.K. Navy Logo


The logo is a representation of a vibrantly-sailing aircraft carrier, which is a pivotal force defending the nation in the 21st century of maritime age.


The mast represents a ship and the Tae-guk circle implies the Republic of Korea and globe, which is the R.O.K. Navy's primary stage in the 21st century. The hull-shaped inverted triangle displays an aircraft carrier, symbolizing Blue Water Navy and the R.O.K. Navy's vision and ambition. The dynamic three-striped waves implies the R.O.K. Navy's progressive and vibrant voyage towards the ocean.


The logo consists of the main color, Ultramarine Blue and supporting color, Cerulean Blue. The carrier, mast, lower half of Tae-guk and its outer circle are colored with Ultramarine Blue, conveying a sense of robustness and confidence of the R.O.K. Navy. The ocean waves are colored with Cerulean Blue, bringing brightness and mildness in color to harmonize with darker Ultramarine Blue.

해군 심볼마크


The adopted font is a polished square style, representing discipline and spirit of servicemen and women. Decorative, razor-sharp style(font: erif) used in upper part of each letter shows how stylish and polished the R.O.K. Navy sailors are as international gentlemen. Rounded edge of the font implies the Navy's nature of mildness and friendliness.