Cruise Training


About Cruise Training


  • Create capable Navy officers
  • Cultivate friendly relations and national prestige through diplomatic military activities.
  • Strengthen mutual ties with countries visited
  • Create a chance for military interchange
  • Promote the spirit of Koreans residing overseas


  • Chance to gain experience needed to become an advanced elite Navy, Stirs patriotism in Koreans residing Overseas, soldiers act as military diplomats that strengthen military ties with friendly countries
  • Held every year since 1954, directly after the Korean War


  • The first training was held in 1954 with the 9th class of the Naval academy, and the term and course of training have increased as the power of our country has grown.
    • In the 1950s and early 60s we only cruised the South East Asia region.
    • in the 1970s we cultivated new cruise routes into the Americas, Middle East and african areas.
    • in the 80s we cruised 20 or so regions, including San Francisco, Vancouver, Guam, Midway, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and Rabaul.
    • The 1991 training was particularly special as we conducted a 4-month-long cruise, traveling around the South East Asia region, passing through the Suez Canal for the first time, cruising European seas including the Mediterranean and Atlantic, and returning to compete our historic voyage.
  • Execution of 2 round-the-world cruise training projects
    • 1992 round-the-world cruise ('92. 9.14 ~ '93. 1. 21 / 130 days) || visited countries/Ports of call: 14 countries, 28 ports || Total distance/Ships : 30,048NM / the Chungnam, the Masan
    • 1995 round-the world cruise(’95. 8. 2 ~ ’95.12.20 / 140 days) || visited countries/Ports of call : 15 countries, 19 ports || Total distance/Ships : 30,698NM / the Chunji, the Busan, the Cheongju