Pacific Reach


About Pacific reach

  • 'PACIFIC REACH' is a training program conducted by countires near the West Pacific that have submarine rescue system in an effort to cooperate in harmony with one another, in order to build a cooperative system and acquire the skills needed to carry out swift rescue operations on damaged submarines.
  • Following a proposal by the US navy, the first PACIFIC REACH symposium was held for two days beginning on February 1st, 1999, with 6 countries, including Korea, participating, and the countries cooperated with one another to enable such training to take place. The first training exercise was hosted by Singapore in 2000, the second by Japan in 2002, and the third was hosted by the ROK Navy in 2004. (The fourth will be hosted by Australia in 2007)
  • Today, the countries that possess submarines are putting a great deal of training into rescuing their crews safely in case of an accident. These efforts include reinforcing rescue forces, establishing cooperative systems with other countries and conducting combined training.
    • In Europe, the member countries of NATO have constructed a 'temporary submarine rescue cooperation network' called ISMERLO(Interim Submarine Escape and Rescue Liaison Office), and this organization shares information and hosts annual meetings.
    • 11 NATO members including Canada, Denmark, France, Greece, and Italy conduct 'submarine escape and rescue training' (SOBERT ROYAL) on a regular basis.