Mission & Function

Navy's role in the Peacetime.

War Deterrence

· The Republic of Korea Navy will conduct show of force through various exercises and patrols to deter enemy aggression.

· Conduct patrol operations in adjacent maritime domains to prevent enemy unconventional warfare forces from infiltrating our territory.

Protection of National Sovereignty and Maritime Interests

· Conduct maritime patrol to protect Sea Lane of Communication (SLOC) and navigation of merchant ships.

· Protect marine resources within economic zone, and prevent terrorism-at-sea and illicit commercial activities.

· Conduct all-weather patrol near disputed islands

· Conduct surveillance and clearance activities to prevent sea contamination within economic zone.

Support Foreign Policy and Elevate National Prestige

· Participate in Peace-keeping Operations (PKO) as a member of the United Nations(UN).

· Join multilateral security cooperation such as Exercise RIMPAC.

· Elevate national prestige through port-visit of the R.O.K. Navy Ship.

대한민국 해군의 역할은 다음과 같습니다.

Force projection

· Strike the enemy in the flank and rear coasts with a strategic landing and conduct naval gunfire, Guided missile attack and special warfare on enemy key command and control facilities and military installations and key strategic targets.

Sea control

Search and destroy enemy combat forces by employing surface combatants, maritime aircraft and submarines to deny enemy maritime activities and secure our maritime activities.

해상교통로 보호
SLOC protection

· Search and destroy enemy submarines and escort shipping with ASW ships, submarines, and ASW aircraft to protect SLOCs that are critical to national prosperity.

· Moreover, clear enemy mines and open ports, utilizing SMCMs and AMCMs.