심상섭 참모총장 프로필 사진

Chief of Naval Operations Admiral
Sim, Seung-seob

This is Chief of Naval Operations Admiral Sim, Seung-seob.   

Welcome to the Republic of Korea Navy‘s official website.

The Republic of Korea Navy was founded on November 11th, 1945 by Admiral Son, Won-Il under the motto of "commitment to our country and the people," after the National Independence.

Since the foundation, the Republic of Korea Navy has accomplished growth and expansion from scratch to become a navy capable of protecting its citizens and securing national interests around the world and protected the surrounding waters for 70 years.

The Republic of Korea Navy, key to national security and prosperity of the Peninsula, will strive forward to deter our enemy's provocation and ensure victory in any contingencies, while endeavoring to expand capabilities to contribute effectively to regional maritime security and world peace.

Furthermore, as descendants of Admiral Yi, Sun-Shin, the Sailors will continue to work together to create a service culture and environment, in which men and women in the Navy can serve with pride and enthusiasm. This will help the Navy gain trust and confidence from the people it serves.

The Navy answers calls of the people of the Republic of Korea, and this is a website that helps communicate with them. Grateful for your boundless support and love, we appreciate your voice very much.

Thank you.

Chief of Naval Operations Admiral
Sim, Seung-seob.