Chief of Naval Operations

이종호 해군참모총장

Chief of Naval Operations
Lee, Jong-Ho

Welcome to the Sea of the Cyber Space, the Sea of Communication.

I'm Admiral Lee, Jong-Ho, the Chief of Naval Operations of the Republic of Korea Navy.

This is the sea of the cyber space, a navy website designed to promote communication with you.

Every voice matters and is worth being heard.


The Republic of Korea Navy, the first branch established among the three branches of the ROK armed forces, was born on November 11, 1945, following national independence by the efforts of Admiral Son, Won-il and fellow founding members.


In the last 77 years, the ROKN has developed into a strong navy, securing the seas of the Republic of Korea and acquiring the capability to protect the lives of her people and safeguard her interests, anywhere in the world.


The ROKN will continue to renovate itself into a high-technology armed force responding to threats in all domains, following the spirit of maritime pioneering of Sea Emperor Jang Bogo, the patriotism of Admiral Yi "Chungmugong" Sun-Sin, the founding spirit of Admiral Son, Won-il, and many honorable traditions that passed down to us.


Although this is a virtual space, the website is the sea of "communication", where you can share your ideas freely.


Remember every word and expression of your thoughts can greatly encourage and cheer our fellow shipmates. 

I humbly ask for your continued interest and support. 

Thank you.

Chief of Naval Operations
Lee, Jong-Ho.



이 테이블은 해군참모총장의 인적사항 정보를 제공합니다.
Name Lee, Jong-Ho
Rank Chief of Naval Operations
 Commission 1988. 3. 1.
Date of Inauguration 2022. 5.27.

Academic Background

이 테이블은 해군참모총장의 교육경력 정보를 제공합니다.
1984. 2. ~
1988. 2.
Republic of Korea Naval Academy (42st) Graduation
1998. 2. ~
2000. 1.
Korea National Defense University (M.A. in Military Strategy)
2016.10. ~ 2016.11. Korea National Defense University (Senior Policy Making Course)
2019. 2. ~
2019. 6.
SNU(Advanced Leaders Program for National Future Security & Strategy)

Professional Career

테이블의 설명
2011. 1. ~
Commanding Officer, ROKS DAECHEONG
2012. 1. ~ 2012.12. Assistant Chief of Staff of Operations (N3), ROK 2nd Fleet
2012.12. ~ 2016. 1. Assistant Chief of Staff for Operations (N3), ROK Fleet Command
2016. 1. ~
Commander, Battle Training Squadron 81
2016.10. ~ 2018. 1. Commander, Battle Training Group 8
2018. 1. ~
Commander, ROK 2nd Fleet
2018.12. ~ 2019.11. DCNO for Intelligence and Operations (N2/3), ROKN HQ
2019.11. ~ 2020. 5. DCNO for Personnel (N1), ROKN HQ
2020. 5. ~ 2021.12. Commander, Republic of Korea Fleet
2021.12. ~ 2022. 5.Cheif Director of Military Support, ROK JCS

2022. 5. ~ Present

Cheif of Naval Operations