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History of the ROK Navy
History of Korea and the Navy
Before the Modern Times
The Three Kingdoms (Goguryeo, Baekjae and Shilla): In 396 AD, operating with an amphibious force of 40,000 men, Goguryeo defeated Wiryesung (the capital of Baekjae). Later, in 227 AD, Baekjae established Baekjaegun (Baekjae Military Base) at the mouth of Yangjagang river and conquered Tamla (a state in Jeju island),

Unified Silla :
In 810 AD, Chang Bo-go established the naval base called Cheonghaejin. As a result, he was able to secure control of the seas and suppress pirates enabling Silla to become the hub of maritime trade.

Goryeo Dynasty :
As Japanese pirate attacks became frequent in the near waters, Admiral Choe Young established a plan to build two thousand warships. As a result, in 1380, Admiral Choe destroyed five hundred Japanese ships when they invaded Geumgang (river), successfully defending the inland. Goryeo naval forces used guns on their warships for the first time in history, proving the creativity and excellence of the Korean people.

Joseon Dynasty :
After King Taejong, Joseon Naval forces reached its peak of 50,000 personnel. During the Imjinwaeran (war against Japanese invasion in 1592), Samdosugun (three province naval force), led by Admiral Yi Sun-shin, blocked off the enemy's sea traffic route and defeated the Japanese fleet in 15 battles reversing the war in favor of Joseon, eventually saving the country.

Since Korea is a peninsula, strong naval forces have been crucial in maintaining stability throughout its history. Without strong naval forces, the country would have been devastated by enemy attacks.